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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

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ARISS Contact Options

ARISS school contacts can be performed in one of two ways:
        - a DIRECT radio link between an amateur radio station set up in your school and the amateur station onboard the ISS
        - a TELEBRIDGE, where a dedicated ARISS amateur radio ground station, located somewhere in the world, establishes the radio link with the ISS. Voice
         communications between your students and the astronauts are then patched over regular telephone lines.

One of the goals of this program is to involve students with amateur radio. A direct contact will give your students an opportunity to speak via amateur radio and learn how the radio system works. If your school has an amateur radio station that you plan to use for a direct contact, then the station must meet certain technical requirements that are outlined in section I of the ARISS Contact Requirements form. If you do not have a station, then you may be able to work with a local ham radio club to have them temporarily install and operate a portable station at your school. To learn more about amateur radio and to locate an amateur radio club near you, please contact your ARISS representative.

If you are unable to support a direct contact then a telebridge can also be a very rewarding experience for students and faculty. The ARISS team will help the school set up the telebridge contact and give your students an opportunity to speak via amateur radio and learn about amateur radio and a little on how wireless technology works.

For either direct or telebridge contacts, please work with your local amateur radio operators who can mentor your school in technology lessons and many related skills.

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