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Saturday, 17 November 2012

ARISS Frequencies

ARISS Frequencies

VoiceUplink145.200 MHz * IARU Region 1
 Downlink145.800 MHz
RepeaterUplink437.800 MHz
Downlink145.800 MHz
PacketColumbus437.550 MHz **
Svesda145.825 MHz
* In Region 2 (Americas) and in Region 3 (Asia, Australia, Pacific) the Voice Uplink frequency is 144.490 MHz
  ** The amateur radio station located in the Columbus module is currently operational with the UHF Ericsson transceiver and packet system using the frequency of 437.550 MHz.
To utilize the the packet system, operators need to set the UNPROTO path to ARISS (the id is RS0ISS) for digi relay or they may connect to the BBS using the callsign RS0ISS-1.
The packet beacon is set for 2 minute intervals so it may not appear to be active over many parts of the world but keep listening and mind the Doppler shift (+ or – 10 KHz).


ARISS Callsigns

VoiceUSA call signNA1SS
 Russian call signsRS0ISS
 European call signsDP0ISS
PacketKeyboard call signRS0ISS-3
 Mailbox call signRS0ISS-11
 Digipeater AliasARISS

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