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This Blog is dedicated to All the People of the World to whom they want to be a Ham Radio Operator.

Mainly the blog contains Amateur Radio information stuff collected from varies Ham Radio sites and provided to the people who want's to be a Ham

My Aim is to prepare New Generation Amateur Radio Operators in the world and they had to communicate each other by using new technology and to do new experiments to take this to future generation. Without ending to our.

--- VU3PEN dt JAN-2019

Saturday, 17 November 2012

What is amateur radio?

Amateur radio is a form of communication, a hobby and a community service. An amateur radio operator could be a school teacher in Nova Scotia trading teaching methods over the radio with another radio amateur who is also a teacher, in New Zealand. An amateur radio operator could be a British teenager using her computer to upload a chess move through her radio which is retrieved by a fellow chess fan in Australia via an amateur radio space satellite. An amateur radio operator could be a Swedish truck driver speaking via amateur radio to a Russian scientist at the South Pole. Radio amateurs also save lives as part of an emergency communications network. Amateur radio is a unique, fascinating and friendly hobby that captivates the interest of millions of people around the world. It is fun for everyone!

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